An 8 day bike tour in Western Sardinia



A pleasant cycling holiday in Sardinia, perfect for exploring beautiful coastlines, discovering ancient traditions and tasting delicious Mediterranean cuisine. This cycling trip is based on the central western part of Sardinia. Tour starts from Tresnuraghes, an ideal location to explore both the coast and estuary around Bosa, as well as the small villages of this corner of Sardinia. An area famous for its production of Malvasia wine and olive oil: as you cycle past vineyards, olive groves and open fields with sheep grazing, you will have a real Mediterranean feel. Moving south and following the coastline, you'll drop into the plains and marshlands of the Oristano region. Sandy beaches, turquoise sea, remains of ancient colonisations, rich birdlife, and a culture which developed around fishing ...cycling the Sinis peninsula is the best way to explore this region. Your cycling trip in Sardinia couldn't end without a visit to the most important archaeological site on the island, and the best testimony of the Nuragic civilisation. After a short transfer, you'll ride through the rolling hills of Marmilla, past open fields cultivated with wheat and vineyards. Barumini is your destination, home to the UNESCO Heritage site of Su Nuraxi. Your trip ends in Cagliari, the ancient, yet vibrant capital of Sardinia.





Day 1


After arriving at your accommodation, depending on flight times, there should be some time to relax and try out your bikes; your local representative will present the itinerary and your cycling programme for the upcoming week. (Your welcome meeting may be held the following morning.)


Day 2

Bosa Loop Ride

You start your cycling holiday as you make your way to Bosa, a colourful town on the side of the River Temo. Before exploring the narrow streets that lead up to the Castello di Serravalle, you値l ride along the Temo to view the charming Chiesa di St Pietro di Sorres. In Bosa, there is a traditional winery where you can try some of the scented local Malvasia, the typical wine from Bosa. Time to cycle back to Tresnuraghes! You値l ride to Bosa Marina before starting a gentle climb up to Tresnuraghes.

Distance: 35 km/ 22 miles; Ascent + 400 m


Day 3

Tresnuraghes to Santa Caterina

Your first stop today will be Tinnura, renowned for the pastoral mural paintings which decorate the whole village. After a break to explore around, you値l carry on riding and stop in Sagama to visit the 18th century church, before riding on to Sennariolo and to Cuglieri. The countryside alternates between oak trees, olive groves and vineyards. After a visit to the Basilica in Cuglieri, you値l carry on towards the coast, with a gradual descent leading you to the stunning coastline of S羨rchittu. Photo opportunities of this unique sandstone rock formations, and weather permitting even swimming time! Distance: 35 km / 22 miles approx.; ascent 350 m


Day 4

Santa Caterina to San Salvatore

Your journey continues south today as you head towards the Sinis Peninsula, steeped in ancient history and natural beauty. You値l stop off at Is Arutas beach, stretching for many kms and famous for a particular sand rich in quartz, which enhances the stunning turquoise colour of the sea. Time and weather permitting, it痴 the perfect location for a dip. Moving further south, you値l stop for the night in the small hamlet of San Salvatore. Distance: 50 km / 31 miles approx..; ascent 250 metres


Day 5

San Salvatore to Cabras

A day to explore the Sinis Peninsula, only a short cycle away from your accommodation. You値l have time to visit the Punic-Roman ruins on Tharros, one of the most important settlements in the Mediterranan. Cristianity was brought to Sardinia by the Romans and the little, but charming, church of San Giovanni is a testimony of the first Christian settlements on the island. Leaving the coast you head back inland, riding past Cabras lagoon and arriving into Cabras itself. Here the Museum of Archeology is worth a visit as it houses the unique statues of Monte Pranu that date back to the Nuragic Bronze era. After settling into your accommodation you値l have time to explore this small town. Distance: 25 km /15 miles; ascent 50 metres


Day 6

Cabras to Barumini (+ train ride)

Your journey continues as you head towards Oristano, the capital of the 4th biggest province in Sardinia. From here you値l transfer by train to the central part of the Marmilla, to San Gavino Montreale, where you値l resume your ride. Today you値l appreciate the variety of landscapes that Sardinia has to offer. Marmilla is rolling and you値l be riding past cultivated fields of wheat and vineyards on your way to Barumini, below the plateau of the Giara.

Distance: 12 + 40 Kms / 7 + 24 Miles approx.; ascent 500 metres


Day 7

Barumini and Cagliari Rest Day

With a rest day ahead, you can take a leisurely breakfast before visiting the Archeological site of Barumini. Designated a UNESCO heritage site, Su Nuraxi is the best preserved and complex nuraghe of Sardinia, dating back to 1800 BC, testifying a fascinating and imposing bronze age of Sardinia, unique to the island. Late morning, we値l transfer you to Cagliari, allowing you time to wander the narrow streets of this interesting town.


Day 8

End of tour after breakfast





Included in the tour:

  • 7 nights with breakfast in rooms with private facilities

  • route instructions and maps

  • tour information

  • luggage transportation (1 piece per person)

  • Help line


Not included in the tour:

  • travelling to and from Sardegna

  • transfer airport-hotel-airport

  • bike rental

  • tourist tax (about 10,00 for the whole tour)

  • Lunches and beverage

  • train ticket on day 6 (about 3,00 p.p.)



March-October (July and August only on request not recommended because of high temperatures and traffic).

Level 2

For the leisure cyclist who exercises regularly. Will include some steeper cheeky climbs. Distances of between 20-40 miles / 35-65 kms per day. The tour alternates between countryside and stunning coastal views. You値l be riding primarily on very good paved roads, except for a few short sections that lead you to your accommodation. You will be riding in a region full of rolling hills and long flat stretches, passing olive groves, vineyards and marsh lands. Around the Sinis Peninsula the terrain is flat but becomes hillier in the Marmilla region on day 6. The climbs are never too steep or long (ranging from 300 500 meters per day) and the roads generally have little traffic. total 197 km / 122 miles


minimum 2 persons   

Prices p.p. 2020

In  3/4 star hotels 

In double room   755,00 
Single room supplement 165,00  
Half board supplement 185,00 
Bike rental 110,00 ; e-bike rental 190,00 
Transfer from and to Cagliari airport 225,00