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a 6, 8 or 9 day tour



This 8 day walking tour offers the right combination of visiting typical Umbrian towns and walking through exciting colourful landscapes with unique views. The tours starts in the medieval town of Assisi and finishes in the characteristic centre of Spoleto, a very special town with many squares, lovely little streets, shops with local delicacies and handicrafts, restaurants and a lot of sights to visit. It involves varied walking through undulating landscape, passing nice typical little Umbrian towns, like Spello, Bevagna, Montefalco and Trevi.








Program 8 day tour

Day 1

Arrival  at Assisi. 

Your overnight stay will be in a hotel with a swimming pool close (900 m.) to the historical centre of Assisi.


Day 2

From Assisi to Spello  

There are two routes to go to Spello: a longer route going uphill in the woods of Mount Subasio passing the monastery San Benedetto or a shorter one through the olive groves along the slopes of Mt.Subasio. The latter route involves less climbing, but it also offers astounding views.  Your overnight stay is in a beautiful location (*** hotel)  in the historical centre of Spello. This little town has Roman origins, as we are reminded by several features including the Porta Venere and Porta Consolare town gates and the remains of a Roman amphitheatre outside the town walls. 

Walking time: 5 hours (12 km / 7,5 miles) or 3 hours (10,7 km / 6,6 miles)


Day 3

From Spello to Bevagna 

You will leave the hills for a while now and will descend into the valley 'Valle Umbra'. Walking on quiet little country roads you will arrive in Bevagna, which unlike most Umbrian towns isn't built on a hilltop, but rather at the confluence of the rivers Topino and Timia. During Roman times Bevagna was a prosperous town, because it was situated along the busy trade road, the via Flaminia, which connected Rome with the Adriatic coast. The heart of this town is the square Piazza Silvestri with its beautiful fountain and two Romanesque churches. Your *** star hotel is in the historical centre of the town.

Walking time: 3½ hours (14 km / 8,7 miles) or 4 1/2 hours (16,5 km / 10 miles)


Day 4

From Bevagna to Montefalco            

Here you will be walking once again through a slightly hilly landscape, but the olive groves will soon make way for vineyards. The hills surrounding Montefalco are famous for the production of the excellent wines Rosso di Montefalco d.o.c. and Sagrantino d.o.c.g. To reach the town you have to climb, because Montefalco is -predictable- built on a hilltop. The St.Francis church is now the seat of a fine museum housing, among other things, frescoes by the Florentine painter Benozzo Gozzoli. Don't forget to taste one of the delicious Montefalco wines in one of the many wine bars. Your overnights stay is in a *** star hotel in the old centre of Montefalco.

Walking time: 4 hours ( 14 km / 8,7 miles)


Day 5 

From Montefalco to Trevi 

On the way to Trevi  (420m a.s.l.), on the lower flank of Mt.   Serano overlooking the wide plain of the Clitunno river, your route crosses the fertile valley with its various waterways. Trevi is also called the capital of olive oil and indeed you will notice that the slopes of the surrounding mountains are covered with evergreen olive groves. Trevi has a dozen medieval churches: the most important are the romanesque Duomo (S. Emiliano), the shrine of the Madonna delle Lacrime notable for a fresco by Perugino and the former church of S. Francesco, now a museum. You will stay in the historical centre of the town.

Walking time: 4 hours ( 14 km / 8,7 miles)


Day 6  

From Trevi to Poreta 

From Trevi the route will lead you through olive groves to Poreta. You will follow mostly the Roman Way (The way of St.Francis) a pilgrimage walking trail which crosses Umbria from the north to the south.

Walking time:  4 hours  30 min (12,8 km / 8,5 miles)  


Day 7

From Poreta to Spoleto

You will walk along the olive grove path / Way of Saint Francis to Spoleto In Spoleto there is a lot to visit, including the cathedral with the frescoes of Filippo Lippi and Pinturicchio, a Roman house and a Roman theatre. Also worth seeing are the façade of the church S.Pietro just outside town and, of course, the famous aqueduct bridge Ponte delle Torri. Spoleto is also a very pleasant place just to wander around the friendly little shopping streets.

Duration: 4 hrs 45 mins (13,8 km / 8,6 miles)  


Day 8





The 6 day program:

Day 1   Arrival at Assisi

Day 2   To Bevagna  (13 or 16,5 Km / 8 miles or 10,3 miles)

Day 3   To Montefalco (12 Km / 7,5 miles)

Day 4   To Trevi (13 Km / 8 miles)

Day 5   To Poreta (12,8 Km / 8 miles)  

Day 6   departure



The 9 day program:

Day 1   Arrival at Assisi

Day 2   You can choose today our of three walks

A cultural city walk  The city walk will take you among the most important monuments of the town, which are mostly connected with the lives of the saints Francis and Clare, who were born in Assisi. You will pass sites such as the Rocca (Castle), St. Francis basilica, St.Clara Basilica, the Monastery of S.Damiano and the Temple of Minerva. Walking time: 3 - 4½ hours

The longer walk through the hills around Assisi: You walk up to the spring Fonte Maddalena  (810 a.s.l.) on Monte Subasio. You then descend to the hamlets of Costa di Trex and Ponte Grande, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in one of the two restaurants or in the bar. Your route will then bring you back to Assisi through gentle, rolling countryside. Walking time:5½ hours (19 km / 11,8 miles)

The shorter walk through the national park of Mount Subasio: This is a beautiful walk in the shade of the woods of Mount Subasio. From the Porta Cappuccini town gates you walk up to the spring ‘Fonte Maddalena’ (810m a.s.l.) on Monte Subasio. You climb some more and then descend to the Hermitage Eremo delle Carceri (830m a.s.l.), where S.Francis and his companions prayed and meditated in the woods. After your visit a trail brings you to Viole and along quiet country roads you walk back to Assisi. Walking time: 4 ore (12 km / 7,5 miles)

Day 3    shorter or longer walk to Spello (12 Km / 7,5 miles)

Day 4    To Bevagna  (13 or 16,5 Km / 8 miles or 10,3 miles)

Day 5    to Montefalco (12 Km / 7,5 miles)

Day 6    to Trevi (13 Km / 8 miles)

Day 7    to Poreta (12,8 Km / 8 miles)

Day 8    to Spoleto (13,8 Km / 8,6 miles)

Day 9    departure after breakfast  







The tour includes:

  • 5 / 7 / 8 Overnight stays with breakfast  ** / ***  hotels (only *** or superior hotel is possible)

  • Luggage transportation

  • Route notes (in English, Italian or Dutch) and maps

  • tour information (hotel list, brochures) 

  • local back-up service

  • route briefing in arrival hotel




Daily all the year round 

Level 2

Moderate. Walks in a hilly country side. Not too many level differences. Walks of 4-6 hours a day /12-20 km (an average of 3/4 km an hour)

Price p.p. 2020

6 day tour

In a double room € 382,00

Single room    € 500,00

Travelling alone    € 530,00 

3rd person in triple   € 220,00 

Half board supplement  € 120,00

8 day tour
In a double room € 564,00

Single room    € 730,00

Travelling alone    € 770,00 

3rd person in triple   € 340,00 

Half board supplement  € 169,00

9 day tour

In a double room € 608,00

Single room    € 788,00

Travelling alone    € 828,00 

3rd person in triple   € 375,00 

Half board supplement  € 186,00

On request

extra or less overnight stays, wine-tasting, cookery course




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