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“With your donation through Ecologico Tours, some of the damaging effects of your trip will be compensated by the project in the Philippines, in Mali or on the island of Borneo (so we can continue to enjoy the beautiful places on Earth)”

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Travelling and feeling good?

There is an ambiguous relationship between travel and nature: on the one hand we want to visit and enjoy the beautiful natural places of our planet, but on the other hand these trips put nature under pressure. This is largely due to the greenhouse gases emitted when we fly. The Trees for All foundation takes care of plantations and regeneration of woodland and invests in sustainable energy to reduce the damaging effects of your journey. Trees absorb CO2 and sustainable energy prevents the emission of CO2. These projects also contribute to the social-economic development of the local population, reduce erosion, increase biodiversity and improve the water quality. With your donation of € 3,00 through Ecologico Tours and the donation of Ecologico Tours of 3,00 (plantation of 1 tree cost € 6,00) some of the damaging effects of your journey will be compensated by the project in the Philippines, on Mali or Borneo (so we can continue to enjoy the beautiful places on  Earth). For every your donation, Ecologico Tours will also donate the same € 3,00.

Trees for All is an independent, non profit-making foundation and a 'Good Cause' officially recognised in The Netherlands with CBF certification.  Trees for All is one of the few Dutch institutions which can boast the quality title ''  (Climate, which guarantees that it is inspected annually by an independent body.

Through their work woods have already been planted, cultivated and protected in Malaysia, Mali, the Philippines and Bolivia. The local populations enjoy the benefits of the recovery of the natural environment, woodland produce and the resulting employment. Nature has more space for animal and plant species at risk of extinction.

For more information and to calculate with the 'climate calculator' the emission of CO2 caused by your trip visit the TREES FOR ALL  website.




Two examples of one of the projects of Trees for All: 

The Jatropha Project in Mali (in operation since 2007).

These trees are not only advantageous for the local conditions (protecting livestock) but also for the global climate: the jatropha is a tree which absorbs carbon dioxide and produces seeds which contain significant quantities of oil, which is used for the production of bio diesel.

Protection and Regeneration of the rainforests of the Danum Valley on the island of Borneo.

Without protection, the rainforest area could be seriously damaged by deforestation (illegal or legal) which is carried out to clear land for the planting of palm trees for oil. The aim of the project is to protect the forest and spread knowledge among the local population about the importance of the forests for absorbing CO2  and for the conservation of the animal and plant species present there.