5 or 7 day tour



This beautiful and exciting road bike tour in Western Sardinia includes five loop tours with different levels and of rare beauty. You will admire a changing landscape, cycle along vineyards and olive groves, often surrounded by gentle hills and mountains. You will stay six or four nights in a lovely Hotel with swimming-pool and spa and every day you will go cycling, discovering a different part of this amazing region: wonderful beaches, small medieval towns, authentic typical villages, natural beauties like water springs, lush vegetation, a very interesting flora and fauna. And last but not least, food and wine: they are simply excellent in this area (Malvasia from Bosa and Casizzolu cheese from Montiferro are just a couple of examples..).






Day 1

Arrival in your hotel

Individual arrival and overnight stay in a lovely 3 star Hotel with swimming-pool, wellness area, garden, garage for bikes. Briefing and dinner in Hotel.


Day 2 Alabe und Foghe 

Porto Alabe is situated in the Municipality of Tresnuraghes. It is surrounded by dunes covered by vegetation and succulents. Its beach, delimited by a rocky promontory to the South, features a typical red (from iron fragments) and deep blue colours (from its shallows).
Punta Foghe is also situated within the Municipality of Tresnuraghes. The coast is made of big cliffs and several little islands. From this place, you have an enchanting view of the sea and rocky cliffs. Recommended stop for your lunch break: Bosa. Bosa stands in the valley of river Temo. The small town is famous for the processing and export of coral. The village is immersed in the green valleys of Planargia, an area which is particularly known for its food and wine traditions and for the quality of its olive oil and wines. One of these wines, the Malvasia, has the DOC certification. 

Distance: 60 km/37,3 miles; Ascent/Descent + 900 m – 900 m; Altitude Max.: 470 m Altitude min.:1m


Day 3 Montresta

The village of Montresta offers different points of view to its visitors. Here you can enjoy a spectacular landscape made of numerous woodlands, first of all the Silva Manna with its century old sugar trees. Near the village, there are remains of settlements and monuments going back to different ages. 
Lunch break recommended in Padria. The village of Padria is situated in the South-Western part of the region of Logudoro-Meilogu. In the past Padria was called Gurulis Vetus, it has origins going back to the period of Phoenician-Punic and Roman dominance. The historic importance of the village is witnessed by some important monuments such as churches, the Archaeological Museum and the many noble palaces facing the spacious squares of the historic centre. 

Distance: 88 km/55 miles; ascent/descent + 1100 m – 600 m; altitude max 600 m; altitude min. 1 m


Day 4

Monte Sant’Antonio

Sardinia is an old land, which had an important volcanic activity in the past. Today, it is still possible to find some original relief's of old volcano's, now sleeping. Mount Sant’Antonio, also known under the name of Monte delle Code, is one of these fascinating relief's.
Mount Sant’Antonio has an environmental, naturalistic and archaeological value of great importance. This place is very charming also because of the fascinating view of the surroundings you can enjoy from up the top.
The area is particularly rich in Nuraghe and archaeological sites, such as the complex of Tamuli, including three tombs of giants, a Nuraghe and a village. Everything is included within a vegetation made of oak, holly, bay leaf, live oak. An element of strong recall is the "Sa Ucca e S’Inferru", which means "hell of the hell", that is a very evocative volcanic habitat. Lunch break recommended: Monte Sant’Antonio.

Distance: 99 km/61,5 miles; ascent/descent: + 1100 m. – 1100 m; altitude max 750 m.; altitude min. 225 m.


Day 5


Montiferru is the widest volcanic complex of the whole Sardinia and is situated within a territory featuring different environments (mountain and sea ecosystems). The territory is probably one of the richest of springs in Sardinia, which reaches its max. height with Mount Urtigu (1050 m). Lunch break recommended: Santulussurgiu. Santulussurgiu is situated in the South-East, on the slopes of Montiferru, in the central-western part of the island and is one of the best preserved historic centres of Sardinia. It is situated 500 metres a.s.l., protected by a lush green vegetation. Santu Lussurgiu has a priceless treasure: water. If you go along its springs, you depart from an ancient village a few steps from the centre of Siete Fuentes. Here, immersed in the Forest of San Leonardo, there is a Romanic church and, nearby, a stream and a pond, powered by 7 fountains of healthy mineral water (the place is named after these waters).

Distance: 100 km /82 miles; ascent/descent: + 1400 m. – 1400 m.; altitude max. 900 m.; altitude min. 5 m.


Day 6


Fifth town in Sardinia for the number of its inhabitants (44 thousand), Alghero is one of the most beloved places, thanks to exciting walks along the harbour ramparts, red roofs which seem to touch the sky and a splendid natural bay facing a sea of emerald colour.
Its coast is 90 km long, called Riviera del Corallo: here is the largest coral colony of the finest quality of the entire island. The best known beach is Le Bombarde: clear waters, sandy and limpid shallows.  Lunch break recommended: Alghero.

Distance: 127 km / 79 miles; ascent/descent: + 2000 m. – 2000 m.; altitude max. 620 m.; altitude min. 1 m.


Day 7

End of tour after breakfast 





Included in the tour:

  • 6 or nights in very good Bike Hotel *** stars with swimming-pool and spa
  • 6 or 4 x breakfast
  • 6 or 4 x dinner (1/2 litre water and ¼ wine included)
  • Briefing
  • Itineraries, maps and GPS traces


Not included in the tour:

  • Entrance to the spa (Jacuzzi and steam bath)
  • Packed lunch (upon request)
  • Typical Sardinian Dinner (meat menu)
  • Typical Sardinian Dinner (fish menu)
  • Road bike hire, helmet and emergency set (road bike Dolomiti Shimano 105 series)



Daily all the year round

Level 3/4

Road bike tour for experienced cyclists with good physical condition. Total length 474 Km/295 miles (7 days tour). 


Minimum 2 persons   

Price p.p 2020

7 days Period A (01.01.2020 - 12.05.2020/ 01.10.2020 - 31.12.2020)

In double room Classic    € 480 
In double room with view    € 505
Single room supplement € 150 
Supplement lunch package € 35 
road bike rental € 100 
7 days Period B (13.05.2020 - 14.07.2020/ 01.09.2020 - 30.09.2020)
In double room Classic    € 555 
In double room with view    € 580
Single room supplement € 150 
Supplement lunch package € 35
road bike rental€ 100 
5 days Period A (01.01.2020 - 12.05.2020/ 01.10.2020 - 31.12.2020)
In double room Classic    € 335 
In double room with view   € 360
Single room supplement € 100 
Supplement lunch package € 21
road bike rental€ 60 
5 days Period B (13.05.2020 - 14.07.2020 / 01.09.2020 - 30.09.2020)
In double room Classic    € 385 
In double room with view    € 410
Single room supplement  € 100 
Supplement lunch package  € 21
road bike rental € 60