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Medieval Umbria walking tour 2018

Hello Petra,

I have just arrived back home from Italy this afternoon and would like to thank you for a really awesome holiday. We all had a really super time ......lots of beautiful scenery, amazing old places, really great food, wine and Prosecco and long chats and laughter. And we cannot forget to mention the gelato’s! It was truly a great holiday. The friendliness and hospitality of the hosts in the area and especially on the planned wine tasting at Tili, and the impromptu wine tasting at Valdangius was memorable. The history in the towns that we stopped in was mind blowing. We were so fortunate to arrive in Assisi the day after St Francis’ holiday and get to attend the annual market.  I have always heard of roasted Chestnuts and got to eat them there, which was so unexpected. The next morning when we walked into Assisi to investigate the old town and all its churches, there was no trace of the previous evenings markets. The cooking course at the end of the walk was also a highlight .......we all left really enthusiastic about putting our new skills to practice in SA. We then bought some form of truffles as we do not get them or the oil here in SA. Thank you so very much for all the info given at the meeting. Yes, we did get lost a few times but normally due to our incessant chattering and looking at sights and not concentrating on landmarks but fortunately Google maps helped us out as a backup.

Thank you so much for making this such a special and memorable holiday for my children and I.

Kind regards,



Sassi & Trulli bike tour in Apulia 2017

I'm back home from our trip in Italy and had a wonderful time. All of our hotel satsy and villages werfe so wonderfuil and amazing to visit.




Con ritardo scrivo per comunicarti che il nostro tour nei Cotswold è stato molto bello. Ci sono piaciuti il paesaggio, la gente, le strutture e pure il clima. Insomma 10 e lode anche per l'organizzazione efficientissima

Grazie ancora !!!

Nadia, Patrizia e Lucia

Surprising Umbria walking tour 2016

Dear Petra and Paolo

Thank you so much for all your help and support during our trip to Umbria.  You were extremely responsive and always there for us. We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend your tours.  It was great meeting both of you and we will definitely look at booking with you for our future trips.

All the best- Viviana and Jim  


Abruzzo in bicicletta 2016

Positivissimo! Questa è per noi la vacanza i cui paesaggi rimangono impressi negli occhi, mentre il calore umano della gente rimane impresso nel cuore. Ottima descrizione degli itinerari e soprattutto ottime condizioni delle strade. Per la prima volta (più volte abbiamo fatto vacanze da cicloturisti) abbiamo avuto il briefing!! Non ci è parso vero avere qualcuno che ci spiegasse gli itinerari! L’unico consiglio che mi permetto di darvi è: sponsorizzate di più questo viaggio e questa regione bellissima, perché lo merita tantissimo!

Brunella e Alberto


Umbria Three regions road bike tour 2016

Yes I did! I met Chris and Maria (South Africa) with whom I had dinner in Umbertide and Gubbio, Derik and Anita (Belgium) with whom I had dinner in Passignano and Ichnas and Lindi (Holland) with whom I chatted the last day. I got everyone together the last day for a wonderful dinner at La Terraza (sorry Chris and Maria... they were at Hotel Viole)

First off Petra, here is a summary of my review, I tailored this specifically so that you can put it on your website if you wish: 
"Overall the Three regions tour is wonderful but challenging.I have cycled to scenic hilltop villages, down fertile valleys and up endless mountains (Apennines). The tour starts off gentle to warm the legs up and picks up slowly as you start to cycle up slow undulating Italian climbs. It is exhilarating from start to finish, as you find the next village to fill up on water, visit a place you've always wanted, eat a huge pizza to give yourself extra energy for the next climb or take pictures in the many squares and piazzas along the way. Don't do this tour at race pace (35+ km/h) take it slow, stop often and enjoy the scenery. I say this because I saw so many things that it felt almost surreal, like a movie, a lot of moving images: you must stop and enjoy the silence and the beauty of the province of Umbria, this is essential in your experience here.

A couple words of warning though: this is not the Giro d'Italia, so go slow on the descent with a vigilant eye and your hands on the brakes. Italian drivers go fast and don't necessarily consider cyclists going down mountain roads. Furthermore, if you choose to bring your bicycle, be wary of the roads, pack plenty of spar tubes and know-how and get used to vibration due to some bad roads. I still brought my Scott carbon frame and I don't regret it: it was my bike so I was comfortable and knew the ins and outs of its functionality. Bring a GPS also, despite the paper maps being detailed it's best not to waste time checking and reading just go with the given gpx files which are quite accurate ( offline maps highly recommended)

The choice of villages, made by Petra, to end each day were very nice, each having a unique feel. Torgiano had quiet and relaxation, Gubbio had the rich history just like Assisi and Passignano had the beauty of lake Trasimeno.  I completed the tour solo, so this should definitely not deter anyone from participating: I did the sport that I love, saw amazing places and met interesting characters, just always be curious.  At the end of the tour, I felt quite accomplished, having cycled hundreds of Km in a beautiful place. This is the best way to visit and travel to new countries: feel every hill, descend wildly, see beautiful scenery and just have the freedom to use your own power in the pursuit of discovery."

Here I'll just give you a few points from each leg of the tour:
Day 1 - Assisi to Torgiano:
Very nice start to the tour, it was simple and easy with no real climbs or challenging sections. Montefalco had wonderful view of the valley. Torgiano was quite nice with a beautiful hotel, I recommend Tempi Antichi as a restaurant for some wonderful Umbrian food. Some very bad roads beside the stream before getting to the cycle path.

Day 2 - Torgiano to Passignano:
You pass by very isolated areas and villages here (which are quite beautiful) so the cyclist must not fear being alone and must be confident in his abilities to navigate and replenish his water and food. Getting to the lake finally was beautiful. There is a viewpoint of the lake a couple km after turning right on the main road around the lake. I recommend people stop and look how nice it is. Passignano and hotel Vela were very nice, I recommend people tailor their visit of Passignano around 27-28 Aug if possible, the vinatge festival they have there was amazing. Sualzo beach is also very nice and free, visit Isola Maggiore if possible.

Day 3 - Around the lake:
Can't comment I took a rest day before the mountains.

Day 4 - Passignano to Umbertide.
Climbing through the mountains was a very interesting experience. It was nice to see Cortona, make sure you refresh and eat here before going up to the top. The mountain pass (Cerventsia) was beautiful and isolated, definitely keep that in the tour.  Some very bad roads specially on the descents, also no barriers so make sure you have good skills and take your time or you'll slide off the mountain as you take a sharp left or right.

Day 5 - Umbertide to Gubbio:
Getting to Gubbio was a very nice reward after the climbing. The wonderful descent at the last climb brings you directly into Gubbio from the north. 

Day 6 - Gubbio to Assisi:
It was nice to end the tour by descending into the valley at the back of Assisi with the castle in the distance. It also gives people the option to visit Assis before the hotel.

Final throughts:
1- GPS is strongly recommended, the gpx files you made were very helpful
2- A lot of the roads are quite bad and cause a lot of vibration which will tire the cyclists. But bringing their personal race bike is still recommended for maximum functionality.
3- WARNING: A lot of ATMs in Italy (Umbria) don't take 6+ credit card digits (Visa) which may mean no more cash during the trip. I had a few scares with this (except for Bank of Spoleto which saved my ass). People should take this into consideration and bring sufficient cash.

Mohamed Iskandarani


Treasures of the Green Valley (lev.2 cycling tour 2015)

Hello people of Eco tours.  

I come back from your tour "Umbria’s green valleys" alone and I just want to thank you and tell you that your organization is very good. This is the first time I do a bike tour like this, and I found that the circuit is very well done, with increased efforts as the days pass, which is good because we are increasingly used to.This is an easy route, but as I had to get used to the jet lag, the food and the water here it was perfect like that.The temperature was not so good with two major storms on the first day (and I found that guessing its way during a storm, trying to read the map and to locate yourself, it is not easy !!) insistent and a little rain the second day. The third day was ok, very perfect the 4th, and 5th in the fog completely. We saw nothing.The first day I even allowed myself a little trip out of the circuit following a moment the ancient Roman aqueduct near Spello. Interesting! And the fourth day, I chose Deruta, but I went wrong and I climbed up Castelleone (which looked a shortcut on the map !!!) before descending and climbing back Casalalta all the way up. Phew, I'm not really used to hills, living in a very flat part of Canada.  

One mini flat, I found the last day a too short. The bike was perfect, in good condition and well suited to roads and circuit. No glitch. Waterproof pannier was essential (in my case) and the support map quite adequate (though not quite tight!) The hotels were very good, B & bedfast too, with its ancient hand, and I'm glad I took the meal plan, because at this time of year, I would have struggled to find something in Bovara! 

Well, thank you for everything, it was nice and you live in a very beautiful country.  Oh, one last thing, the sticker on some posts help a lot. I follow the route mainly with de map, not the instructions (but both are necessary), and the steakers helps a lot in that case. When you know where to look, you could find them easily. Some are missing thought.

Thanks, Marc Lafortune



Geheimen van Sicilië 2014

Beste Petra,
Maandagavond zijn we gezond en wel weer uit Sicilië thuisgekomen. We hebben een geweldige vacantie gehad. De organisatie was op alle fronten perfect. Taxi's stonden paraat bijna op de minuut af. In Scopello vond een uitgebreide briefing van de wandelingen en alle mogelijkheden plaats. De wandelingen waren duidelijk omschreven en goed te doen. Een enkel stuk pad was wat lastig i.v.m. losse stenen en/of grote afstappen, maar daar kies je voor als je langs kusten wandelt.
De hotels waren prima. Het ontbijt op Marettimo (Marettimo Residence) zelfs zeer luxueus en on-Italiaans met eieren, spek, kaas, ham, bosaardbeitjes, vers sinassap, diverse taartjes enz.
Kortom, we hebben genoten. Petra, jij heel veel dank, ook natuurlijk namens Seerp, Ward en Marijke, voor de organisatie en het leggen van de contacten met Sicilië.
Misschien volgend jaar weer zo iets ???? Gezellig pinksterweekend. Groetjes van ons allemaal. Agnes.


Ontdek Umbrie 2013

Allereerst voor jou en je man de beste wensen voor 2014.

We willen alsnog aangeven dat we geweldig genoten hebben van de fietsvakantie in september.
Het was echt uitstekend georganiseerd!
Het startpunt was prima via het openbaar vervoer te bereiken.
We werden heel leuk ontvangen.
De routebeschrijving was duidelijk, ook met de beschrijving wat we konden verwachten. 
De route was soms echt adembenemend. De stadjes sfeervol.
De fietsen waren echt uitstekend.
Wat we heel leuk vonden is dat de plaats van het diner buiten vaak het hotel was.
Daardoor liep je ook meteen leuk door de stad.
Dat alles heeft het voor ons een vakantie gemaakt om niet te vergeten.

Nogmaals hartelijk bedankt voor jullie goede zorgen.

Vriendelijke groeten,
Marlene en Piet 


Sassi & Trulli 2012

Hallo Petra,
We zijn terug.
Prima gedetailleerd roadbook (maar dat wist je al). Supergoede fietsen !
Prima organisatie ! Aangename verblijven.
Maar één keer nat geworden (laatste dag); we hadden dit kunnen vermijden want Michele had voorgesteld om ons met de bagage mee te nemen.
De lus in Alberobello hebben we niet gedaan : windkracht 7 uit het noorden (bitterkoud).
Zo hebben we weer een ander stukje Italië leren kennen.
Ciao Marianne


St.Francis Route 2011

"  In Late June and early July of this year ( 2011 ) I completed much of the Sentiero del Pace walk from Assisi to Gubbio and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Challenging at times, quite easy at other times, the walk with aspects designed by Petra is a wonderful mix of back country roads and forest terrain, small villages and small towns.  Petra's assistance with luggage, her general organisation and any last minute requests plus her availablility on the phone for any request helped to make the walk more enjoyable and secure.  The accommodation worked well also, with a mix of farm stays and small hotels.  All in all, a great experience. "

Eva ( Australian, aged 60+ )

De Valle Umbra 2011

"Wij genoten van onze 4 daags fietsavontuur, van de schitterende logeeradresjes en de soms pittige route. Dank je wel hiervoor. We maken alvast veel reclame voor je concept !" Wim


Ontdek Umbrie te fiets 2011

"We hebben een heerlijke vakantie gehad. Goed geregeld allemaal! Af en toe erg zwaar om boven te komen, maar de prachtige omgeving maakte alles steeds weer goed. het bestellen van vegetarische eten was niet overal gemakkelijk, maar we zijn er steeds weer uitgekomen" 

Groeten van Leo, Hans,Bert,Gerda en Recc


Medieval Umbria: Assisi-Spoleto 2011

Just wanted to let you know the comments from our (very much repeat customer) John W:

" have just finished this am the Umbria walk and would like to say that i enjoyed it thoroughly. The hotels used by Petra were a step above the normal Italian walk standard and showed her approach. Petra was very efficient in her trip info and transfers of baggage. I think the biggest difference in The towns visited in Umbria was that the old towns were much neater and well kept ---could be a mixture of a desire to be better or just the culmination of a lot of time and money spent following the 97 earthquake.

The walking was fine and on some days forced (!) one to have a long lunch in some of the smaller towns. My only minor suggestion would be that I would have preferred that the walk went in reverse with the goal to get to Assisi as it is currently perfect and a climax of the walk.

So well done, John has done many many walks over many years & he is very astute & critical.

Congratulations on his comments, Martyn


Umbria by bike 2011

"Thank you for your note. Despite the heat we have had a very lovely & memorable holiday. The directions were very clear. All the bicycles were fine -we are not used to city bikes, but we were grateful for the suspension  in them on some roads- our legs are very strong now !! Many thanks again for helping when Molly fell from her bike- We were very grateful"


St.Franciscusroute 2011

"Hartelijk dank voor de organisatie van een prachtige Franciscus Trektocht. We hebben genoten van het landschap en de hotels"

Lex en Annemie


Umbria Medievale: da Assisi a Spoleto 2011

"Siamo Adele e Mario e intendiamo ancora ringraziare lei e suo marito per la bellissima vacanza in cammino che abbiamo appena conclusa nella meravigliosa Umbria per merito anche della vostra gentilezza e perfetta organizzazione. E andato veramente tutto bene, siamo tornati a casa alle solite cose ma ancora negli occhi e nel cuore i panorami e le bellezze artistiche appena viste"


La Valle Umbra in bicicletta 2011

" Il viaggio è stato bellissimo e siamo stati molto contenti"

Giuseppe & Cinzia


St.Franciscusroute 2010

Veel te laat, maar zeker gemeend: onze dank voor je begeleiding tijdens onze geweldige wandelvakantie eind mei begin juni. We hebben echt genoten, ondanks de Joke’s voetblessure. De wandelingen waren stuk voor stuk afwisselend, prachtig, en goed te doen (hoewel ze wat ons betreft dan ook niet langer hadden moeten zijn). De onderkomens waren allemaal prima, de maaltijden ook, en het waren allemaal erg aardige mensen. Met een speciale herinnering aan het echtpaar van de Agriturismo in Manziano, en de olijfolieperserij van Luigi Tega in Vescia, waar we mee mochten met een rondleiding en uitgelegd kregen hoe (heel erg goede) olijfolie gemaakt wordt. Je routebeschrijving was erg zorgvuldig en behulpzaam, zoals we je vertelden zijn we alleen in sommige dorpjes de weg echt kwijtgeraakt, maar dat was nooit onherstelbaar.

Peter en Joke


2010 Wanderung Assisi-Spoleto liv. 2

Hier melden sich endlich Karin und Hermann zurück. Wir hatten unseren Urlaub in Italien noch um eine Woche verlängert und sind ans Meer gefahren. Bitte entschuldige daher unsere verspätete Rückmeldung.

Doch jetzt zu unseren Wanderungen. Beide sind wir begeistert von der guten Organisation und der Auswahl der Hotels. Es war einfach schön.

Auf den Routen haben wir uns dann und wann schon mal verlaufen und mussten dann wieder mal zurück laufen. Ich habe mich dann gefragt, ob ich zu dumm bin die Beschreibung richtig zu lesen. Es liegt wohl eher daran, dass sich der Autor und der Leser der Beschreibung erst mal richtig kennen lernen mussten.

Wir sind alle Routen, auch die Alternative in Assisi und die Verlängerungen gegangen. Es war manchmal sehr anstrenged, wir sind ja keine geübten Wanderer gewesen. Es hat viel Spass und Freude gemacht.

Wij zeggen dank voor uw organisatie en de plakkerij met onze koffers.

2009 walking lev. 3

We probably won't see you before we leave so I would like to thank you very much for all your work on this walking holiday. We have enjoyed every place we have stayed in + have felt well looking after. The instructions for the walking have been claer + easy to follow + we have also enjoyed the walking. Thanks once again, Paul and Rosemary.


2009 Cycling lev 3 

Sorry to have missed you this morning. Yes it was a hot week, but got off early every morning to beat the worst of it. All places excellent, for S.Marco excellent location, just not v. helpful staff..A great week, interesting places + excellent experiences for us to cherish, Mr & Mrs G.


oktober 2009 fietsen niv. 3 

Dank voor het overbrengen van de koffers. De fietsen waren prima. Geen problemen gehad. Gisteren en vandaag was het klimmen zwaar, maar we hebben genoten van het mooie landscahp, de aangename temperatuur. Umbrië is fantastisch, Hein en Jose


2009 Umbria Cycling

Just to say we had a wonderful trip – it is a lovely route, and the hotels were great. I would recommend it to anyone! Sarah


2009 Umbria Cycling level 3

Jackie and I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip ealier this month: well organized, with good hotels and beautifuly chosen (if tough) routes. We were also very impressed with the way you dealt with the other group after Gerry's accident: all in all you were a very reassuring and efficient presence.  

So thank you. We are already busy recommending your services to others, Timothy


2009 Wandelen: Assisi -Spoleto niv.2

Hier een kort verslagje over onze wandeltocht van Assisi naar Spoleto. (V 7/9 t/m 15/9).
Alles is zeer goed verlopen. Wij kozen voor de uitgebreide tochten en hebben daar zeker geen spijt van!
De wegbeschrijving was zeer duidelijk, zodat dit de wandeling dan ook zeer aangenaam maakte.
Eén zaak is veranderd, in de positieve zin. Nl, de weg van Trevi naar Campello is hersteld! (pag 43) Dwz, dat zgn 'onveiliger pad' is nu zeer goed te bewandelen.
Voor de rest geen opmerkelijke veranderingen.
We hebben GENOTEN van deze tocht! Bea en Julien

2009 wandelen Assisi-Spoleto niv. 2

De reis is prima verlopen, ondanks de hitte. Routes goed beschreven, inclusief de wandeltijden. Kortom, ik ben zeer tevreden, Jan


2009 Wandelen Assisi-Spoleto niv. 2

Bij deze willen we je bedanken voor de goede zorgen en service tijdens onze reis. We hebben een fijne vakantie gehad en genieten nog na, Han en Susanne

2009 Cycling Umbria level 3

The itinerary has been skilfully assembled to include some of ’s most noteworthy medieval towns, typically fortified and atop a steep hill.Heading a list of favourites is Mentone with its tiny central square, cloisters and unpretentious charm, with Spello a close second, where the annual flower festival in June brings delight to every shady corner.Trevi also deserves a mention for the steepness of its alleyways and the audacity of its drivers, who succeed in parking their vehicles in cobbled squares barely large enough to take a Fiat 500. But you’ll find a shiny new Merc neatly tucked in there.Spoleto boasts magnificent churches, an aqueduct and a magnificent castle, while Gubbio has pageantry in spades.Preparations for the annual Corsa di Ceri, or Candle race, held every 15 May, were well under way when we arrived, with every balcony and balustrade sporting its favourite’s colours, and the wine cellars with carousing singers was reminiscent of a German Bierkeller, complete with brass band to keep the singers in tune. 

No knobbly knees, please We were within spitting distance of our starting and finishing point on several days, but clever route-ing kept us away until at last we came upon it from the west on our final day, when the splendour of the Basilica dominates the view for several kilometres as you approach. There was enough time to visit the famous church – but learn from our mistake and pack long trousers in your pannier.We were turned away by the guards who objected to our cycling shorts and only got a peek inside the famous Basilica. But this was one of the very few disappointments on the tour which was full of quirky surprises.For example, just at the point mid-afternoon when a pick me up Tiramisu is the literal translation!) we came upon a tiny local grocery store which doubled as the café.We drank strong espresso from paper cups and passed the time of day with the village postman who was just finishing his round and snacking on the local pancetta – delicious roast pork. Jane’s version of Italian is in fact Spanish, so agents with excellent English unscrambled any little local difficulties, as well as taking responsibility for all luggage transfers.First a forgotten pair of spectacles was neatly forwarded to the next hotel. Then, when Jane insisted she was on the right route and strayed into mountain territory, punctured her rear tyre and then realised that Stephen had the repair kit, things began to look complicated.However, a ‘phone call to Petra reassured Stephen that his errant wife had not yet been devoured by wolves, a local man took her down the mountain in his Jeep, and after several ‘phone calls, the hotel receptionist in Gubbio made contact with the locals.Next morning Paolo collected the cycle, and not only repaired the puncture, but fitted a new tyre for good measure! F.T has not asked us to complete a customer satisfaction form, but we are happy to grade this holiday “excellent” in all respects.Theservice from the agents, the quality of the mapping, routes, suggestions and indeed the bicycles, were all of a very high standard. Hotels were comfortable and well located, and staff were friendly and attentive.If there was one quibble – well two – it’s that the Italian for breakfast is not the same as the German, Swiss or Slovenian version, and they prefer showers to baths.And I still haven’t worked out why the other side of the road was always a better road surface than the one we were cycling along… Jane and Stephen


2008 wijnreis Umbria

Hartelijke dank voor de moeite aan ons besteed. We zijn overal, kleine uitzondering daargelaten, fantastisch ontvangen (maandagochtend sloeg alles) We blijven nog wat in het prachtige Umbrië, Leo & Christine


2008 Fietsen in de Valle Umbra


Wij maakten vanaf 2 oktober de fietstocht in Umbrië en we willen jullie complimenteren mat deze reis. Alles was tot in de puntjes verzorgd! Zowel de hotels , zeer mooi, als de routebeschrijvingen, zeer duidelijk, als de vriendelijke hulp van jullie agente ter plaatse, Petra van Wijngaarden. Niets dan lof, geweldig , we hebben 100% genoten.

Dank hiervoor! 

Truus en Edith


2008 Wandelen Assisi-Spoleto

Ingeborg en ik zijn weer in het nu kille Nederland, morgen schijnt 't beter te worden, met zon !  De busreis terug met Eurolines verliep vlot, nu geen problemen bij de grens. We waren zelfs bijna een uur eerder in A'dam. Zoals ik al in m'n kattebelletje had ge schreven, we hebben genoten van onze wandelvakantie. We hebben twee dagen regen gehad, de etappe van Assisi naar Spello met echte hoosbuien en een hele dag regen in Spoleto. Overige dagen ideaal weer. Nog bedankt voor je reaktie per fax naar het Clitunno hotel !


2008 cycling lev. 3

The trip was wonderful. We had no problems -the bikes, hotels, maps and everything  was great. Thank you for organising such a nice trip ! Umbria is fantastic and cycling is the best way to see it all, Brendan & Caroline


2008 Wandelen in Umbria: Assisi-Spoleto-Spello

Hierbij nog een bedankje voor de geweldige vakantie. De ontvangst was prima. De onderkomens waren uitstekend, leuk afwisselend uitgekozen. Het eten was heerlijk en de wandelingen waren schitterend en duidelijk uitgezet. We hebben echt kunnen genieten.

Peter en Janny .


2007 fietsen niv. 3

Wij hebben een prima fietsreis gehad. Fietsen waren ok ! Alleen is de bidonhouder (damesfiets) erad. Ligt in zijvak fiesttas. De routes waren erg mooi en her en der zeer pittig..Harry en Ingrid


2007 Umbria cycling lev. 3

Thank you for a great trip. It was very challenging, but something we will never forget. Thanks, again for getting our swim suits, ciao Scott & Kelly


2007 Wijnreis

Hierbij nogmaals bedankt voor je inspanningen voor de wijnreis.

Het restaurant in Bevagna maandagavond was een absolute topper..

De rest was ook erg leuk! Zeker aan te raden aan mensen.



2007 Umbria 5 giorni in bicicletta

Siamo rientrati ieri sera a Bergamo.

I 3 giorni in bicicletta, lungo strade e stradine dell'Umbria sono stati veramente magnifici.

Abbiamo osservato panorami stupendi e visitato località di straordinaria bellezza senza l'angoscia di code e parking ma,soprattutto, senza inquinare! Ottima la scelta del percorso (in tre giorni non si poteva chiedere di più) e complimenti per l'accuratezza del "road-book" (non abbiamo mai sbagliato strada, ad eccezione dell'uscita da Foligno) e la quantità / qualità delle carte geografiche e mappe cittadine che ci hai fornito.

Anche le salite incontrate lungo il percorso sono state tutte relativamente agevoli a parte lo strappo finale

prima di Assisi abbastanza duro (ovviamente noi siamo allenati):  pensa che il 2° giorno siamo saliti a Montefalco come suggeriva l'itinerario principale, abbiamo mangiato un boccone in un wine-bar della piazza,

siamo scesi ancora fino alla Madonna della Stella e abbiamo percorso anche l'itinerario alternativo fino a Bevagna!

Abbiamo trovato la scelta degli alberghi veramente eccellente per la posizione logistica e per la qualità del servizio. Unico neo la cucina dell' Hotel Viole che potrebbe essere un poco migliorata (abbiamo cenato lì solo la 1° sera). Fortunatamente ogni sera abbiamo cenato benissimo in ristoranti diversi: Apollinare a Spoleto, Redibis a Bevagna e Trattoria del Castello a Montefalco. Dopo questa prima esperienza entusiasmante, sono sicuro che ci vedremo ancora per altre gite. Ti alleghiamo alcune fotografie simboliche del ns. tour. e ti ringraziamo per tutto il lavoro che hai svolto per consentire a noi e ad altri di trascorrere vacanze veramente splendide. Andrea e Gabriella


2007  Eno-gastronomische school tour

In naam van alle leerlingen en leerkrachten willen wij jullie bedanken
voor de prachtige tijd hebben beleefd bij jullie in Umbrië. Iedereen
heeft ontzettend genoten. Alles was perfect georganisseerd. Onze
leerlingen zijn zeer opgetogen over de reis en deze zal zeker voor
eeuwig in hun geheugen blijven hangen. Dank daarvoor.
Bij volgende wijnreizen gaan we zeker terug aan jullie terugdenken.



2006 Wijnreis

Inmiddels zijn we weer een beetje bijgekomen van alle ervaringf in Umbrië!!! Unaniem is de groep erg enthousiast over de reis, de excursies-proeverijen, het hotel enz. enz. Dus bedankt voor jouw inspanningen, Trudi en Jan Willem


2006 Umbria cycling lev. 3

We thank you for the good information and maps. This made the trip very easy to travel for strangers, like us. We enjoyed the beautiful landscapes, villages and flowers. No accidents and good service at the hotels. Thank you, Anne & Nils (Norway)


2006 cycling Umbria lev. 3

I enclose a very small present to thank you for spending a wet evening lokking for my glasses. And a successful outcome to our search makes it even more grateful. Please give our thanks to Petra for organising an excellent holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, Tim


2006 Umbria fietsen niv. 3

Wij wensen u te danken voor de efficiente diensten en organisatie van onze fietsvakantie, Loisette en Roger


2006 wandelen Assisi-Spoleto lev 2

Even nog een berichtje. De wandeling van Assisi naar Spoleto was erg mooi. De routebeschrijving is erg duidelijk. Spello is een erg mooi plaatsje, waar we van de pastoor in duidelijk duits/Italiaans een prive rondleiding kregen in de kerk met als belichting een bouwschijnwerper. Soms hebben we blijkbaar toch een vermoeide uitdrukking gemaakt, want verschillende keren kwamen bewoners vragen waar we mee bezig waren, of alles goed ging en hebben jullie nog wat nodig. Als je dan vertelde waar we mee bezig waren was het vaak  o, mama mia !!!. De leukste opmerking was van een mijnheer die zei: "zover hoop ik in mijn leven niet te lopen... Emmie en Hein


2005 Walking, Wine-tasting and Cookery course

Now that we are all safely back home and settled I can finally sit down and write to you. We have a wonderful holiday in Italy and all that is left now is to lose the extra kilograms which were a result of all the wonderful food and wine. We so enjoyed meeting you and I am enclosing a couple of pictures of happy times with you. I also wanted to thank you for being so kind to us and being at our beck and call whenever needed you. We enjoyed our walking, wine tastings and cookery classes. I would recommend you to anyone around the world, Merle



2005 cycling lev. 3

Thank you for a wonderful holiday. Our home is always your home in Canada, Carlene


2005 Costa di Trex walk

We really enjoyed the much variety, Cathy