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 An walking holiday choosing between your favourite towns



This walking tour is perfect for those looking to personally experience the unique and unspoiled region of Umbria with its beauty and hospitality. It offers the right combination of art and nature. In the Umbrian landscape you will find rolling hills covered with woodland, vineyards and silver- green olive groves alternated with colourful fertile valleys. This unique tour offers you the possibility to make your own combination of towns to stay in.  

The three centres:   Assisi,   Spoleto  &  Norcia



Il viaggio comincia nella città medievale di Assisi, città dei pellegrini, costruita sulle pendici del Monte Subasio in una splendida posizione sulla valle umbra. La città è estremamente importante non solo dal punto di vista religioso, ma anche da quello artistico e culturale. Assisi è indissolubilmente legata ai santi Francesco e Chiara. Ad Assisi potete fare un itinerario culturale passando i monumenti più importanti della città ed un’ escursione nel Parco del Monte Subasio e le colline circostanti. Al terzo giorno una bella camminata vi porterà a Spello, dopodiché ritornate ad Assisi con il treno




Day 1 arrival at Assisi and if early you could make a cultural town walk

Day 2 excursion in the national park of Mount Subasio

Day 3 a nice walk to Spello and back by train to Assisi

Day 4 departure  


Day 1


Arrival ad Assisi. Your hotel is in the modern part of Assisi at 900m from the historical centre. The hotel has a swimming pool, a car park, restaurant and bar.

the town walk will take you round the most important cultural monuments of Assisi, which are mostly connected with the lives of the saints Francis and Clare, who were born in Assisi. From the hotel your walk goes up to the Porta Cappuccini town gate (470m a.s.l.). From here you will walk through a tangle of little alleys and medieval squares. You will pass the remains of an amphitheatre, the medieval castle (506m a.s.l.), the basilica of St. Francis, the temple of Minerva, the church ‘Chiesa Nuova’ and the basilica of St. Clare, finally walking down to the monastery of S. Damiano (310m a.s.l.). After your visit of this monastery you can choose to go back to your hotel or to continue your walk downhill to the village of S.Maria degli Angel (210m a.s.l.) to visit the impressive basilica. From here the local bus will bring you back to Assisi.

Walking time:  3 – 4 ½  hours  


Day 2

Today you can choose between a longer and a shorter route:

The longer walk through the hills around Assisi starts from the Porta Cappuccini town gate (470m a.s.l.). From here you walk along a walking trail to the hamlets of Costa di Trex (570m a.s.l.). From here you descend to the village of Ponte Grande, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in one of the two restaurants or in the bar. Your route will then bring you back to Assisi through gentle, rolling countryside. You will enter the town through the Porta S.Giacomo town gate and pass through the old centre of Assisi to walk back to your hotel.

Walking time: 5 ½  hours (about 18 km)


The shorter walk through the national park of Mount Subasio:

This is a beautiful walk in the shade of the woods of Mount Subasio. From the Porta Cappuccini town gates you walk up to the spring ‘Fonte Maddalena’ (810m a.s.l.) on Monte Subasio. You climb some more and then descend to the Hermitage Eremo delle Carceri (830m a.s.l.), where S.Francis and his companions prayed and meditated in the woods. After your visit a trail brings you to Viole and along quiet country roads you walk back to Assisi.

Walking time: 4 ore (12 km / 7,5 miles)


Day 3


There are two routes to go to Spello: a longer one going uphill to the hermitage Eremo delle Carceri or a shorter one through olive groves along the slopes of Monte Subasio. From the porta Cappuccini a footpath will take you to the hermitage, which is situated at 830m a.s.l. Saint Francis and his companions used to retreat here to meditate in the woods. After St. Francis’s death a monastery was built on this spot. Passing the spring ‘Tre Fontane’ and the abbey of S.Benedetto you will descend to Spello, walking first through the woods and then through olive groves. 

Walking time: 6 hours (about 18 km)


The lower route follows the slopes of Mount Subasio and involves less climbing, but it is also a beautiful walk through olive groves with astounding views.

Spello is built on the slopes of Mount Subasio.  This little town has Roman origins, as we are reminded by several features including the porta Venere and porta Consolare town gates and the remains of a Roman theatre outside the town walls. Don’t forget to admire the colourful fresco’s by Pinturicchio in the church S.Maria Maggiore.

Walking time: 3 ½  hours (about 13 km)

Back by train to Assisi  


Day 4




The other centre: Spoleto e Norcia



Spoleto is an exciting town, where you can visit a lot of monuments, including the cathedral, a Roman house and of course the famous aqueduct bridge Ponte delle Torri. It is also a excellent starting point to make some nice walks on Monteluco or in the surrounding hills. Your hotel is situated in the historical centre of Spoleto.  



Day 1 arrival at Spoleto and a short walk along the ex Spoleto–Norcia railway 

Day 2 Walk on Monteluco

Day 3 walk along the olive grove path and back by train to Spoleto

Day 4 departure   


Day 1

Arrival at Spoleto

Your hotel is situated in the medieval centre of Spoleto. If you arrive early you can make a short walk along the old abandoned railway, passing through tunnels and railway bridges. You arrive at Eggi and walking along quiet country roads you will reach again Spoleto.  Walking time: 3 hours (8 km)  


Day 2


The walk today takes you to Monteluco (Mount Luco). The name ‘Lucu’ (lucus) means 'sacred woods', and signifies that in ancient times the mountain was considered a holy place. From the 5th  century hermits lived under Benedictine rule on the mountain. Later the Franciscans also built a monastery here. The evergreen oak wood was always very important for the town and was therefore already a protected area in the Middle Ages. The animals living here include porcupines, wild cats, badgers and squirrels

Walking time: 3 ½  hours (10 km)


Day 3

Olive Grove Path

Today’s walk is along the Olive Trail –'sentiero degli olivi'-, a walking route from Spoleto to Assisi . As the name indicates you will mostly walk through olive groves on the slopes of the mountains. You pass several little villages, mostly built on hills, like Eggi and Bazzano. After breakfast you will have a transfer to the start point of the walk: Poreta

Walking time: 6 hours (18 km)  


Day 4



The other centre:  Assisi e Norcia





Norcia lies in a unique spot at 600m a.s.l. with the  Sibylline mountains as its backdrop. This is a    part of Umbria still to be discovered and which offers an unforgettable holiday with  its perfect combination of nature, spirituality, tranquillity and excellent food.  Norcia is well-known as the birth town of St. Benedict, but it is also renowned for  its black truffle, excellent cheeses and “norcineria” (salami’s, cured hams and much more). In this part of Umbria you can enjoy excellent walks. On your arrival day you can explore the town and go for a short walk in the surrounding area. Over the following days there are two walks in the itinerary: for one, you will be taken by vehicle  to the Great Plain (Pian Grande, at 1260m a.s.l.) from where you will walk back down to Norcia; the other is a lovely walk to the meadows of Ospedaletto. Your overnight accommodation will be in a hotel in the centre of Norcia. After your walks you can relax in the sport centre with a swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath and fitness room, which is just 350m from your hotel.  







Day 1  arrival at Norcia if early you could explore the town and make a short walk in the surroundings.

Day 2 Walk to Ospedaletto

Day 3 transfer by vehicle to Casteluccio and walking back to Norcia

Day 4 departure  


Day 1

Arrival at Norcia

If you arrive early at your hotel, which is in the centre of Norcia, you can explore the town and go for a short walk in the surrounding area. If you come from Assisi transferred by vehicle you can get off the car to walk the last piece along the ex- railway to Norcia (about 10 kms) The town walls of Norcia, dating from the XIV century, are still intact. Norcia is famous as the birthplace of S.Benedict and his twin sister Saint Scholastica. The Rule of Saint Benedict became one of the most influential religious Rules in Western Christianity. Worth visiting are the gothic basilica of St. Benedict, the renaissance cathedral, the church of St.Agostino and the "Castellina", a four-sided stronghold built by Vignola and nowadays housing the Municipal Diocesan Museum .


Day 2


Today’s walk passes the marshy fields around Norcia and it will lead you to meadows of  Ospedaletto (1027 a.s.l.). Walking along a shadowy dirt road you pass the 17th century church of San Filippo Neri and are climbing your way up to the village of Ospedaletto (1027m). Descending you will have spectacular views of Norcia and the mountains Monte Sibillini.                       

Distance: 13,5 km; Duration: 5 hours


Day 3


After breakfast you will be taken by vehicle to Castelluccio, which at 1452m. the highest settlement in Umbria. It lies above the "Great Plain" (Pian Grande - 1270 m), in the Monti Sibillini National Park. Rain and melt water accumulate on the surface of the plain, which is made of largely impermeable sediments. The greenish ditches drain the water towards openings called ponors, which are part of the karst underground drainage system. The fields on the slopes below the village are cultivated and in the months of June and July the flora of the fields is in lavish colour. A beautiful downhill walk will bring you back to the ‘Piano di S.Scolastica’ plain.

Distance: about 18 km; Duration: 6 hours  


Day 4

Departure after breakfast. From Norcia you can take the bus to Spoleto (train station) or you can ask for a transfer to the station in Spoleto (not included in the price)  



The other centre: Spoleto e Assisi



Included in this walking holiday:

  • 6 overnight stays with breakfast

  • route notes and maps

  • luggage transportation  

  • tour information

  • transfer to Poreta

  • transfer by vehicle Assisi - Spoleto; transfer Assisi – Norcia; transfer Spoleto – Norcia


Not included in the price:

  • transfer at the end of your stay in Norcia to the station of Spoleto or the regional airport of S.Egidio (to pay in loco)

  • train ticket from Spello to Assisi about 2,00 € p.p. for return to Assisi after the walk

  • local tourist taxes in Assisi and Spoleto (1,00-1,50 p.p.p.n)

  • everything not mentioned under included in this walking holiday


Discount p.p. for whom is coming with his own car and don’t need the luggage transportations and transfers to the next centre or who prefer to take the train or bus to the next centre              



Assisi & Spoleto all year; Norcia from 15 April till 30 October

Level 2/3

Not to heavy walks, but for walkers with some experience. Routes through middle/high level hilly landscapes with some steep climbs. Daily distances between 10 and 20 km. An average of  3 km-4km an hour. You will walk on footpaths, mountain tracks, forest trails and occasionally on quiet country roads. Some days you have the choice to make a shorter and lighter walk  


from 1 person

Prices p.p. 2018

7 days / 6 nights

A. Assisi-Spoleto

in double room     € 400,00

in single room      € 485,00

travelling alone     € 525,00

supplement half board      € 117,00


in double room      € 490,00

in single room      € 595,00

travelling alone     € 695,00

supplement half board      € 127,00

C.Spoleto - Norcia

in double room      € 455,00

in single room      € 550,00

travelling alone     € 695,00

supplement half board     € 118,00